10/5/13 Rehearsal in Jersey

Set list Rehearsal 10/05/2013

1. Young and wasted(kiss cover)
2. Baby Driver(kiss cover)
3. Lover With Closed Eyes
4. A Better Reason
5. If Thats How You Roll
6. Join the Day
7. Bonzo goes to Bitburg (Ramones cover)
8. Hybrid Moments( Misfits Cover)
9. She (Misfits Cover)
10. Surrender( Cheap Trick Cover)
11. Pictures of Lily ( Who cover)
12. Been Thinking About (new song)
13. See You Smiling (new song)
14. No Complaints

Some songs played several times
Ant – Drums
Pat – Guitar
Chris – Guitar and Vocals
Luca – Bass






Rehearsal Monday June 3, 2013 Played a lot of songs

Rehearsals are funny. Sometimes you work on the same song for 3 hours, other times you hack through every favorite song the band has in common. Last night we just played songs. Covers, SLeuX songs from 1st album, and some new ones. The Important thing is fun and getting to sound good. We even dusted off I wish it was warm. Don’t get used to that : P


1. Coming Home – (Kiss Cover)

2. Bonzo goes to Bitburg (Ramones Cover)

3. Hybird Moments ( Misfits Cover)

4. She (Misfits cover)

5. Surrender (Cheap Trick Cover)

6. Drain You ( Nirvana Cover)

7. A Better Reason

8. I Wish It was Warm

9. Lover With Closed Eyes

10. BloodStains ( Agent Orange Cover)

11. Pictures Of Lily ( Who Cover)

12. New SONG #1

13. New SONG #2 (disco fury)

14. Parasite ( Kiss Cover)

15. What’s on your Mind ( Ace Frehley/Kiss cover)

Can we hit record yet? (It’s back, that feeling)

It’s back.. that feeling.. the half noises, fleeing choruses, random hooks, drum beats and sounds that in the near future are going to be songs. It’s time to get to work again. The guys in the band start calling each other more and more, texts start flying back and forth, and the whole making sure everyone is feeling the same thing , on the same page , and are ready to roll thing happens.

To me Music has never been something you predict, map out exactly on a calendar, or even know when it’s going to happen. You just have to be in a constant state of readiness. You have to be in the right place at the right time. That’s all you need to do. Don’t fucking miss it.

I’m blessed to have my band and my friends. Yes it’s that time again. I know i have a million and one things I want to do on this record. I know how I want it to sound. I know what I want the first single to be but something I learned the last time around with SLeuX is, don’t fucking have any expectations, just let it rip. We’re all here for the same reason, the same idea , searching for that same feeling, we’re on the same page and that’s good enough.

The first rehearsal is us just going into a room for hours and just playing Ramones , Misfits, Kiss and speed metal shit. Real dirty driving hard rock with no purpose other than fun.  Actually mostly these early practices are requested by our drummer even though it’s for all of us. Ant says drumming in SLeuX is not easy. You can’t just walk off the street and play our stuff. I like that. There’s a getting in shape process. The whole thing is pushing yourself, training for a fight , and having fun every step of the way.

Currently that’s where we are. Smoking out, listening to songs, listening to demos we got down trying to make it into the albums. Playing riffs, watching Music and concert DVD’s, getting psyched up. It’s a blast.

The thing that excites me most is some of the people in my life now have never seen me in the studio doing an album, they are new to world of SLeuX and wonder what that process is.  Some people have never even seen us play. They love the 1st album but have no fucking idea who we really are. That excites me. I welcome them to this journey.

I know in the months ahead we’re going from living room couch with an acoustic , to rehearsal rooms, to the recording studio, then onto reel to reel tape. We can’t tell you when it’s done, we can only tell you it’s about to start.

Welcome to the world of SLeuX.. get comfy.. .. It’s back.. that feeling.. stay tuned

DiNardo –