Rehearsal Monday June 3, 2013 Played a lot of songs

Rehearsals are funny. Sometimes you work on the same song for 3 hours, other times you hack through every favorite song the band has in common. Last night we just played songs. Covers, SLeuX songs from 1st album, and some new ones. The Important thing is fun and getting to sound good. We even dusted off I wish it was warm. Don’t get used to that : P


1. Coming Home – (Kiss Cover)

2. Bonzo goes to Bitburg (Ramones Cover)

3. Hybird Moments ( Misfits Cover)

4. She (Misfits cover)

5. Surrender (Cheap Trick Cover)

6. Drain You ( Nirvana Cover)

7. A Better Reason

8. I Wish It was Warm

9. Lover With Closed Eyes

10. BloodStains ( Agent Orange Cover)

11. Pictures Of Lily ( Who Cover)

12. New SONG #1

13. New SONG #2 (disco fury)

14. Parasite ( Kiss Cover)

15. What’s on your Mind ( Ace Frehley/Kiss cover)


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